College life is always interesting, and we tend to feel safe and secure when surrounded by our fellow students. However, not all students are honest as we may think. It is essential to remember and acknowledge the fact that it is not easy to understand the people that you can trust, even the ones closest to you. Whereas the danger of being attacked may be distant in your mind, you should always ensure that you’re prepared for any harmful situation. Furthermore, there are simple ways through which you can safeguard yourself from becoming more susceptible to threats.

Regardless of whether you’re a continuing student or joining college for the first time, it is significant that you remember and keep reviewing the following top ten college safety tips prepared in collaboration with, which will help you avoid or overcome dangerous situations.

  1. Never permit technology to make you unaware of your immediate environment
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Anyone who has ever used headphones, an MP3 player and a smartphone understands that the moment you’re plugged in, everything else around you including yourself stops to exist. When you’re concentrating on your phone, it will be very hard for you to notice anything that will be going around you.  Typically, this is what you need to be avoiding. Understand that any time you become unconscious of your surroundings; you need to put away your phone or turn down the music. This will give you an opportunity to check what’s going on around you.

The secret to staying out of risky situations is recognizing their existence. This will be impractical if you do not stay alert of the occurrences around you.

  1. Don’t walk alone in dark areas

Deciding to walk alone in the dark is a sure way of inviting problems to yourself. Occasionally, you may need to move from point to another at night, but you should always ensure that you ask someone to accompany you, so that they may be of assistance in case something happens.

  1. Lock your doors and windows

This is something that you always need to make it your habit.  Remember to lock your doors both when you’re inside and outside. It doesn’t matter if you’re sleeping, watching a movie or strolling around. Furthermore, it is very easy for thieves to break into your house or room is easily accessible.

  1. Always have some emergency money with you

You never know the kind of situation that you may encounter at any time of the day. You may lose your credit card, or debit card may fail to function.  Carrying some cash with you will always help you in case such things happen. Additionally, it will save you the embarrassment and frustration that comes with being stuck in awful situations that require money.

  1. Identify the emergency system zones within your college

Most universities have installed emergency phones and call buttons that are evenly distributed around campus for students to use whenever there is an emergency. Find out the locations of your college’s security systems as well as they can be operated. They will come in handy when you find yourself in an unpleasant situation.

  1. Master your way around campus

Ensure that you perfectly understand your campus environment and pay attention to the details in it. Dedicate some time to learning streets, landmarks and other important features that will help you move around college easily and conveniently. They will be helpful whenever you need to escape out of a dreadful situation.

  1. Avoid staying at a party after your friends leave

Well, you necessary do not need to deny yourself fun when a few of your friends call it a night. The rule is to ensure that you enjoy the party to the fullest but making sure that you have at least one person that you know and trust with whom you will leave together. You expose yourself to many risks if you stay at a party where you know no one.  Regardless of how good the party can be, be smart and go home when it is still early.

  1.  Do not lose control of yourself

You may find that you’ve reached a point whereby you cannot control what you do or even what goes on around you. At this stage, you need to take a moment and think about the kind troubles you’re exposing yourself to.  It is very simple for malicious people to hurt you if you are unable to control your actions, thinking or habits.

  1. Have emergency contacts with you

Hospital attendants and other well-wishers tend to call people in your emergency contact list in your phone in case you’re involved in an accident or fall sick. Therefore, make sure that you have important contacts of those you consider close and trustworthy. When you are not able to help yourself, other people can contact your family and friends on your behalf used the contacts stored on your mobile handset. Remember that your storage location should be easily accessible and as such, avoid using a password in such areas or programs.

  1. Take a martial art course, or carry a whistle and/or a pepper spray

They are important defense mechanisms that you’ll probably never use them in your lifetime. However, when the need arises, you will be very much prepared to save yourself or even a friend.