Police in Nkhotakota say they have recorded 25 drowning cases between January and October 2017 against the 13 cases they registered same period last year.

Reports from Nkhotakota and Nkhunga Police Stations made available to the press indicate that the stations registered 18 and 7 cases respectively.

The law enforcers have therefore warned community members in the district to take extra care during the rainy season to prevent deaths that are caused due to drowning, adding that the figures are worrisome.

They have since advised the general public to avoid fishing on windy days and also not to be alone as it has been established that most victims of drowning are fishermen.

“Parents and guardians must also take good care of their children and wards because there are also a good number of youngsters, who drowned in Lake Malawi, some got trapped in water reservoirs like wells, because they had no elder person around to save them from being trapped.

We have organized awareness and sensitization meetings in the district to groom the community on how best they can avoid drowning cases in their areas,” reads the report signed by Paul Malimwe, Nkhotakota Police Station Deputy Publicist.

Nkhunga Police Public Relations officer Ignatius Esau said people should make use of existing communication structures and warning systems for them to stay alert and avoid consequences that result from drowning.

“People should avoid swimming, trying to cross swelling rivers, especially during the rainy season.

Everyone should also be responsible in alerting the general public once they discover any dangerous sign resulting from rains,” he said.

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