Idyllic African safari honeymoon spotsIf you’re going to head out on safari, there’s no finer place in the world than the continent of Africa.

This is particularly true if you’re looking to book a romantic Africa safari honeymoon experience, as Africa is home to a number of beguiling destinations that offer intimacy, romance and adventure in equal measure.

In this article, we’ll appraise five of the great African safari destinations and ask why they’re so popular: 

  1. Tanzania 

If you’ve ever reviewed the available range of Tanzania honeymoon packages, you’ll know that this destination is one of the best for newlywed couples seeking a heart-melting getaway.

This region is home to The Serengeti, for example, which is widely considered to be the best place to witness the famous Wildebeest Migration during the so-called dry season.

Tanzania is also home to a high concentration of ‘big five’ game, including big cats, lions and vast herds of beautiful elephants.

This location is also a stones’ throw away from the stunning island of Zanzibar, you can combine your safari adventure with a relaxing beach holiday.

  1. Namibia 

Namibia is a friendly and accessible safari destination, and one that offers outstanding wildlife in locations such as the Etosha National Park.

It’s also home to the quaint and idyllic Namib Desert, which an isolated and mesmerising slice of paradise that’s best visited during the dry season (between June and October).

Visiting the Sossusvlei dunes is another seminal experience for honeymooners, as climbing to the top of these peaks is extremely humbling and offers you access to incredibly romantic views.

  1. Zambia 

Zambia is an often underrated safari destination, and one that ‘s also home to one of the most stunning natural landmarks in the world.

We’re talking about the iconic Victoria Falls, which fittingly translates as ‘the Smoke that Thunders’ and is a destination famous for its incredible beauty, white-knuckle water rafting and death-defying bungee jumps.

This, combined with excellent game viewing and relatively uncrowded safari destinations, makes Zambia the ideal option for couples who are looking for a diverse and relaxed honeymoon.

Idyllic African safari honeymoon spots

  1. Botswana 

One of Africa’s truly emerging destinations If you want to use your honeymoon as a chance explore the real Africa, we’d definitely recommend a trip to Botswana.

This region remains a largely unspoiled wilderness, and one that offers a fascinating insight into what Africa and its wildlife was like during the days of the very first European explorers.

Botswana also offers greater flexibility in terms of travel dates, as the rainy season extends from May to October here and offer a six-month window in which to book your trip.

The game drives here are particularly great, while the knowledge and insight of the guides is truly exceptional.

  1. South Africa 

The Rainbow Nation is a diverse and culturally rich destination, and one that offers some outstanding safari options.

Take the Kruger National Park, for example, which offers tremendous value during the dry season and boasts game drivers that are largely unrivalled across the whole of Africa.

Kruger Park is also in close proximity to the bustling metropolis that is Cape Town, and this enables happy couples to combine outdoor adventure with shopping, fine dining and a beach getaway!