By Patricia Mtungila, MEC Stringer

The Mzuzu City Council has expressed optimism that the disputes over the boundaries between Masasa and Msongwe Wards will finally be put to closure when the Councilors and people of Masasa and Msongwe Ward physically confirm the boundaries depicted in the maps from the Department of Physical Planning and Development at Mzuzu City Council.

However, in an interview, Judith Chiume, Msongwe Ward Councilor has expressed concern for the fate of the nearly 600 people, whom she claims, have been affected by the current dispute over the ward boundaries.

According to Chiume the 600 lost a chance to benefit from the Local Development Fund (LDF) for the Public Works Programme under MASAF IV Project as they were designated to Chiume’s Msongwe Ward from Yona
Mkandawire’s Masasa Ward after the LDF for 2017 had already been disbursed to the local leaders.

The affected people who reside around Masasa Primary School are still faced with the threat of missing out on the next LDF allocation populary if the electoral stakeholders resolve to keep the boundaries as they are.

“The problem on my side even on his part [Mkandawire] is that if part of Chief Abel’s Area is in Masasa and part of it is in Msongwe when figures for MASAF are allocated, let them also give me half of the figures for these people who came from Masasa.

“I got the people but did not get their figures for MASAF. If these people are in Msongwe let them be in Msongwe if they are in Masasa let them be in Masasa.

Chiume claims that due to the boundary disputes , she was forced to cough out money amounting to MK 400, 000 to pay the affected people their due LDF allocations.