Fight in the opposition Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) rages on as its President Enoch Chihana has been caught in verbal war with party secretary general Christopher Ritchie ahead of the April 28 convention.

An audio clip of president Chihana phone conversation with party SG Ritchie has gone viral on WhatsApp as Chihana is heard asking angrily from the party to give him back MK17 million he contributed within three days for disrespecting him in taking the convention matter to court.

But Chihana told Richie and the tam who sued the party over the dates to hold a convention that he will use his “bouncers” to take back the cash if the committee failed to peacefully refund by this Friday.

Chihana added that he will not retain his seat during the convention for being rude to him and showing support to Karonga Central legislature Frank Mwenefumbo who vowed to challenge him.

“You are disrespectful to me, why did you take the party’s issues to court. I therefore need back K17 million, I contributed for the convention. I have already told your lawyer Titus Mvalo about the development. If you fail to give me back by this Friday, I will use my bouncers to get it for me.

“You take the party’s matter to court do you think the court can manage to deal with political issues? Let me tell you, political matters are bigger than the court. We shall meet at the convention,” said Chihana

Despite Ritchie continued asking Chihana about the venue of the convention the question that annoyed Chihana, the AFORD president failed to respond.

“Whether I will fail to retain my seat but what I want from you is to tell us the exact venue for the convention. Why are you hiding the venue? This has never happened before; people need to know the venue in time. Should I say you have changed the date of the convention? You need to be open in doing party’s issues,” said Ritchie.

Ritchie also claims that amount assessed by his lawyer amounts to K4 million and not as Chihana claims.
But Chihana threatened: “ My lawyer is going kwa Mvalao now. If you don;t give me that money…. don’t play with me.”

It is said that Chihana fears to face Mwenefumbo during the convention after seeing his huge support.

Chihana who has been AFORD President for the past years since his father died has not done any type of campaign for the convention a development bring worries to the party followers if the party will hold convention this week.

Chihana is reportedly touring regional and district committees across the country seeking favors a head of the convention.