Alliance For Democracy (AFORD) has distanced itself from rumours circulating on the social media that the party through its leader, Enoch Chihana, pocketed K45 Million from a business tycoon and seasoned politician Sidik Mia who recently joined Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

According to rumours on the social media, Chihana pocketed the said amount of money from Mia to persuade AFORD supporters to vote for MCP President Dr Lazarus Chakwera during the forthcoming 2019 tripartite elections.
The reports indicated that AFORD is using that money in conducting different political rallies in the northern region.
AFORD is in revamping process and it has started regaining its lost morale in the northern region.
The party has also managed to buy materials such as party cloth, a development that has cemented speculations that the party indeed received secret fund.
However, AFORD President vehemently denied the allegations through a press statement.
According to Chihana, such allegations are part of propaganda created by the party’s opponents that are aimed at demolishing its image.
Chihana further argued that the story lacks real substance as it does not carry credible evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he was truly involved in the alleged act.
“This is a warning shot to the fearing parties that AFORD will equally and competently compete on the political platform as the country goes towards the official campaign period in readiness for the 2019 Tripartite elections. AFORD is more than ready to govern this country even now hence these cheap propaganda stories aimed at diverting the attention of most Malawians from real issues currently affecting the nation,” reads part of the statement.
However, Chihana did not indicate where the party is getting or got the fund that it is and has been using in carrying its rallies in the northern region.
It is alleged that different political parties like Peoples Party vowed to support President Chakwera in 2019 elections.