Agriculture Minister The newly established the Society for Professional Agriculturalists in Malawi (SPA) has emphasized the need for the country’s leadership to introduce agriculture as compulsory subject in primary and secondary schools in a bid to instil knowledge, among learners for invigorating the entire sector which remains Malawi’s economic backbone.

The call comes as amid uncertainties for the country’s continual use of old agricultural model of farming such as holes and unskilled labour which for over 51 years after independence an agricultural production is unable to revive the nation’s economic growth.

The lavishing of the country’s economy is attributed to total collapsing of agricultural systems including infrastructures and policies due to unclearly leadership vision especially after attaining the multiparty democracy in 1994.

In an exclusive interview with The Maravi Post on Friday, September 11, Chawanangwa Munthali, and SPA’s Executive Director expressed optimism of reviving the entire agriculture system through compulsory introduction in the country’s primary and secondary schools saying the proposal needs total commitment from the nation’s leadership.

Chawanangwa said SPA is into being to mobilize the nation’s agriculturalists with the aim to give the country’s leadership a comprehensive policy direction towards agriculture for the practical reviving Malawi economic growth.

He said absence of SPA contributed to dwindling of agriculture system in the country as policies don’t speak with one voice, fighting each other of fake technologies and lack of the zeal and passion on agriculture as the back bone of Malawi economy.

“Malawi’s economic growth still relies on agriculture as such thorough comprehensive approaches towards the sector are paramount through our body which has all personalities who have depth understanding of agriculture.

“SPA is here to put everything in order on what has been lost in the entire agriculture system. It’s high time the nation’s agriculturalists mobilized themselves to give the right policy direction for the country’s leadership. Thus, the body is calling all agriculturalists in the country to be part of this noble course of reviving the entire agriculture system for the nation’s economic prowess”, urges Munthali.

He said through the project titled, “Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture Investment Practical Agriculture Lessons in Schools (PSALPALS)”; in conjunction with Ministry of Agriculture the organization tends to introduce students learning plots starting with
selected secondary schools which would later be flourished across the nation.

“To kick start with our insightful roles in enlivening agriculture system, this coming October 2015, SPA plans to roll out PSALPALS project in four schools in central region including Bwatalika, Msundwe, Chileka CDSS and Namitete Secondary School.

“In these schools, learners will be exposed to modern agriculture technologies which are terra made in nature to instil them with knowledge and passion on agriculture. After piloting the programme in these schools, the project will be rolled out across the nation’s
primary and secondary schools.

“To support this project, there is need for Malawi government to introduce agriculture as a compulsory subject in primary and secondary schools which the body is currently advocating in a bid to prepare our children in all agriculture circles that after school they should embrace agriculture as business with totality for continue serving the country’s economic growth”, said Munthali.

The Society for Professional Agriculturalists was established in 2008 and got registered with the Malawi government as a nonprofessional body in 2011 to give policy direction for the country’s leadership. Currently is in partnership with ministry of agriculture to roll out
PSALPALS project in central region secondary schools.