LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The country’s leading smartphone network provider Airtel Malawi on Thursday announced new cheaper voice call bundles.

Not only that the company has also reduced its data bundle usage.

This has excited many customers across the country that will have freedom to talk with other subscribers on the network.

The formidable data rate is reduced by 52% on its pay-as-you-go internet rates from MK31.50 per MB to MK15 per MB.

New Chezani voice bundles available including 100 minutes daily bundles for daily; 700 minutes weekly bundles for MK3, 000 and 3,000 minutes monthly bundles for MK10, 000.

“Honestly, these voice bundles are making our lives better that we can talk till get tired. Airtel, your really our trusted partner,” lauded Mphatso Mtunga from Salima.

Another Mtandire Lilongwe Airtel customer Chisomo Kalani echoed;”What more can we say on this good news from Airtel. This the caring network service provider. Bravo, Airtel”.

Addressing the news conference in the capital Lilongwe, Airtel Malawi’s Marketing Manager Frank Magombo disclosed that the two products announcement are result of leading brand’s incorporation of the feedback from customers.

“At the end of the day, we want our customers to say goodbye to the days of panicking whenever a data bundle runs out as this reduced pay-as-you-go rate will allow them to browse for longer without a data bundle.

“Similarly, the new Chezani voice bundles will give our customers more minutes to talk and chat with other customers on the network,” says Magombo.

This is a welcome considering that  mobile phone tariffs have been too exorbitant in this country for years now.

Malawians have been bemoaning  that saying service providers need to modify their charges.

International Telecommunications Union (ITU) report indicates that on average Malawians use more than US$12 (approximately K9,000) a month on airtime for mobile phones.

This is way beyond a living standard considering  that amount of money can be channeled towards family basic needs.

In a bid to bring down the charges in the telecommunications sector, the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) commissioned an independent survey to analyse market trends.

In 2017, Macra developed a cost model and pricing framework for telecoms services for wholesale and retail telecommunication services in order to enhance competition among operators in Malawi.

The cost model once in place in October this year will ensure that Macra is effectively and efficiently regulating the tariffs offered by the operators at the same time providing a viable business environment to the operators to maximize their profits.