Nicholas Dausi
Malawi spy chief Nicholas Dausi

Written by Patseni Mauka

I am sorry if you are reading this while eating your favorite food. If you have seen it all like me, you must have once used different items to wipe your bottom after answering the call of nature. When you have no luxury of toilet paper, there are different items that come in handy depending on where you are answering your call of nature.

You can use a newspaper, chitsononkho (maize cob), stone or tree leaf. Or you can even sit down and rub your bottom against the soil! Depending on what you use to wipe yourself up, you have to deal with the consequences of using rough material as toilet paper. This is what Mutharika will one day realize for using characters like Nicholas Dausi as toilet papers to remove anything he thinks may block DPP from retaining power.

At a press conference this week, Dausi rattled Malawians when he said the attacks on people with albinism have not reached crisis levels or are not serious enough for people with albinism to seek asylum in foreign countries. He said this in dismissing the calls by people with albinism to hold a vigil at State House to force authorities to look into their security demands.

Dausi further put the blame on the killings on the bereaved families. While it might be true that some families are selling their own family members, it could not be true for all killings. Therefore, it is careless for a government to issue a statement that will add more misery on families who are looking for answers on the loss of their relatives. It is even worse for people with albinism who are living in fear everyday.

Government calling deaths of it’s own people ‘not serious enough’ is childish, cruel, silly and insensitive. But it’s not surprising coming from Nicholas Dausi, who is a readily available toilet tissue for DPP and Mutharika. Dausi is a silly person who can do anything to defend the DPP government. Mutharika loves him for that reason.

The pattern is all too familiar. Mutharika uses characters like Dausi to do what he can’t do. We have seen Dausi many times engaging the media in futile and many times embarrassing attempts to defend DPP and Peter Mutharika. When Mutharika got a lot of pressure from Malawians to pay back a dubious 145 million Kwacha he received from an unscrupulous businessman, he sent Dausi to announce the payback. Dausi looked Malawians in the eye and smilingly announced the return of the money. He has no shame whatsoever.

In the last cabinet reshuffle Mutharika appointed Nicholas Dausi as the Minister of Homeland Security. A former member of the notorious Malawi Young Pioneers (MYP), he was appointed because of his wide experience in clandestine activities. As Minister of Homeland Security, Dausi is doing the dirty work Mutharika sent him to do on his behalf. He is instructing the police to arrest and intimidate opposition members.

As a result of Dausi’s careless comments, the Association of People with Albinism in Malawi (Apam) has pulled out of the presidential task force on people with albinism. Dausi’s over-zealousness will cost Mutharika dearly. Dausi has been very useful to him but the latest act of foolishness has angered Malawians so much that DPP and Mutharika should brace for the consequences.

There are few channels for venting anger, but the biggest and effective one is coming in May this year. Malawians should remove this thieving, insensitive, childish and greedy DPP government. That’s the only way Mutharika will know that he has been using rough toilet papers.


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