How America’s new president will have a direct impact on Ghana

Buying American is the key thing to canceling all the trade deals which Trump is against.

The result of the U.S. winter elections has shaken the world. Now, after Trump has become the 45th President of the United States the rest of the world can only guess what his president policy will be.

Right from the election campaign Trump has clearly stated his aggressive attitude to all the countries. The United States of America has always been known as the country of opportunities, where people can achieve anything they want despite their race, skin color or gender. Nowadays, this opportunity is starting to ruin.

If Trump will realize all his election and inauguration promises, the lives of millions of people will be destroyed. Not only rumors spread by Clinton’s supporters, but also the disinterested people have their thoughts on Trump’s policy. For instance, EFF (electronic frontier foundation) President Julius Malema told the press: “The victory of Donald Trump is a threat to the struggle against racism, sexism, xenophobia and the development of the world”. Especially Trump’s racism will cause huge problems.


Is Africa endangered?

(AGOA). Being enacted on 18 May 2000 by Congress, it has been renewed up to 2025.


The researchers warn that African countries will be the first to face Trump’s attitude. One of the things that is now balancing between its normal functioning

and cancelling is African Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA). Being enacted on 18 May 2000 by Congress, it has been renewed up to 2025. However, rumors say that Trump wants to cancel it according to his election promise: “To put America first and make it great again”, which was also repeated in his inauguration speech. What is the more important, according to Independent magazine putting America first means more than simple caring about it, Trump also encourages to “Buy and hire American. Experts claim that this demonstration of Trump’s “patriotism” foreigners should be aware of.

Buying American is the key thing to canceling all the trade deals which Trump is against. According to YEN, the Ghana’s export of cocoa and cashew under the AGOA agreement went up by 300 percent. There won’t be a thing Trump wins by removing any trade from African countries.


Politics against Muslims

Harsh immigration laws


The other thing Trump has promised is “to ban Muslim refugees” which automatically causes an impact the whole Africa. According to the latest survey, nearly 40% of African inhabitants are Muslims. This is difficult to explain in other way than the “racism policy”, though Trump doesn’t comment on it at all. However, his “hire American” quotation can mean the lack or even the whole disappearance of opportunities in the U.S. for other nations. Moreover, Trump has already made a move, which has shown his true hatred towards Muslims. Only a few days ago Trump’s administration froze Obama’s attempt to send 221 million dollars to Palestine. As soon as this news was highlighted by press, new president gave an interview telling, this move wasn’t his indicating of racism and intolerance to people of other beliefs.

Harsh immigration laws

All in all, Trump’s aggressive stance has come alive. His winning and becoming a president right from the first second started to pact on the ordinary people. Specifically meaning, laws on immigration and deportation. While in Times of Obama and Bush number of legal Ghanaian and other immigrants hugely increased, Trump’s new policy won’t help any migrant to start a new life in the U.S. Coming back to Trump’s election promises, it must be reminded that his wall on the borders of America wasn’t a joke. These days he constantly raises this question, though there is no official information about it. In addition, Trump’s fast deportation actions has already captured the attention of publicity. Human Right Watch claims that Trump’s new laws will destroy lives of immigrants and US citizens. Mass protest and strikes have become more recent in order to make new president change his attitude to refugees and stop deporting people and therefore ruining their families. Analyzing this situation, it is fair to say that Ghanaians are better to stop immigrating to the US or run from there while Trump is the president.




Even though, Trump doesn’t talk much about Ghana and other African countries and the plans he has on them, his actions speak louder than his silence. The future of Africa is a dark unknown, while Trump is a president. Unfortunately, his first steps have brought only harm to non-Americans and it is difficult to imagine what kind of horror will happen next.

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