An Ode To Right Honorable Saulos Kraus Chilima – Malawi’s Vice President


He was born on 12th February 1973; he is a devoted Roman Catholic Christian, a holder of Bachelor’s degree in social sciences and a master’s degree both from Chancellor College of the University of Malawi. On the 10th of August 2015 he received his PhD in knowledge management from the University of Bolton in the United Kingdom.


He has held key leadership positions in many multi-national companies among them: Unilever, Coca-Cola and Airtel Malawi where he rose to the position of the first Malawian chief executive officer. Currently he is the second in-charge of the executive arm of government, he is none other than the Right honorable Dr. Saulosi Kraus Chilima, Malawi’s vice President.

Here is a man worth the salt of accolade whose legacy is worth emulating especially to us the youth, they say life begins at forty and I guess Saulosi’s life is in the state of dynamism that the world can stand up and say “THIS IS A MAN”     

A man who is always thirsty for education as he bacons that it’s only key to self actualization, always focused on guiding his principles typical of one Aleke Kadonaphani Banda (probably the only politician who passed on with a fat political status).

Chilima does not practice dirty politics as we have been made to believe that politics is a dirty game since time immemorial: remember, Kamuzu Banda’s rule which pushed so many brilliant and talented Malawians to their early graves Gadama, Mpakati, Chiwanga, Sangala and many more, most of them we shall know them on judgment day.

Bakili Muluzi is one man who sabotaged the decency of politics and made us to believe that running a government is a serious business among many casualties to his credit remember the late great reggae icon Evison Matafale whose death cannot be clearly explained to date, we shall know on that doom’s day since our own justice system failed us. He taught our people that corruption is the way to self enrichment and no wonder we were sported as a country in red lines of corruption, Food insecurity was at its peak during his reign and it’s within the same period ADMARC was sent to ICU, the one Friday Jumbe will tell how, it is in the same reign when a strange business of human parts was ushered in, high levels of murder, house breaking.  

Talking about the big kahuna who breathed his last in the middle of economic turmoil, human rights shrinkage, dry pipes of petrol, executive arrogance, bloated cabinet, corruption, press freedom threats, among many shortfalls.  Joyce Banda’s rule of two years that came through fate of life saw the recycled politicians assembled together in one political party color (Orange) and massacred our account number one and left the economy completely wounded to death, Joyce Banda now in self exile just few kilometers away in South Africa running away from her own after waves of her own throbbing begging the international community for mercy and twisting the reality that even my little son Joshua knows that Amayi is indeed the mastermind of cash gate if not then why would one starts running away at a time no one is chasing you, guilty conscience condemns  you first before the court of justice.


Chilima came into the political scene not so long ago probably almost the same time as Right honorable Lev. Lazarus Chakwera but the political staccato as one Nicholas Dausi (the so called intelligence boss) would put it, has already started in the Malawi’s oldest political party. We just saw the party executive reshuffle as Felix Jumbe being the casualty why??? The man is gearing up to challenge the incumbent party president in the next party convention as such he is rebelling against the entire party executive and hence the reshuffle.


I see hope in Chilima he is smart, and has a sound mind, suppose today he becomes the State President (May God forbid that two brothers of the same father could die while in Presidential office) let’s imagine Peter decides to resign (0% chances of resigning he already declared his candidature in the next elections) or perhaps he becomes incapacitated through terminal illness or parliament impeaches him whatever way he might be found out of plot number one. Chilima has a vast experience in decision making positions and he does not get drunk with such privileges that go with the position he is holding.


Look at one Kudontoni the party’s secretary general who speaks without caring about his own image and the next day the whole party disowns his remarks as does not represent the party’s position remember Kudontoni once said that every parastatal CEO who does not support the ruling party will be shown the exit door, this is the mentality that dwells in many politicians serving the President for a cup of coffee. Right honorable Saulosi Angoni Kraus Chilima you are one step to the presidency I wish you well, you are my row model as I sincerely believe that you can bring a new school of thought of governance, may God see you through, we have suffered a lot enough is enough 


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