Minister Mussa
Minister Mussa

Maenga is disappointed over your press release against the statement of apology from UTM president Saulos Chilima. If you think Malawi is living the past where your police lied to the country that Robert Chasowa committed suicide when in true sense your party killed him, you are mistakenly wrong.

Malawi of today is not ready to tolerate nonsense.

Few weeks ago when your party terrorized the nation your president Peter Mutharika failed to utter any word.  Upon growing pressure the president instructed Mgeme Kalirani to craft a statement that did not address what the nation expected.

Till now your government has not announced the identity of the terrorists or apprehend them. You must be ashamed and accept defeat because technically you are accepting failure of your government.

UTM and its president without any “outcry” from the public issued a statement of apology and promised compensation and we look forward for UTM to bring the culprit forward for justice to take its course.

In other words you are ashamed because you failed to do what Saulos Chilima has done; now you are trying to play micky mouse politics.  Not this Malawi where Maenga is watching!

No political party will play shinenigani politics again. We will shame you.

Servant leadership and a leader who respect the people and the law is what UTM and Saulos Chilima have displayed.

If this is the Malawi all political parties can play our nation will develop.

Mr. Minister, spare us political rhetorics, you have a lot to prove to us if you are able and fit to be in the government.

Where are the culprits who beat parliamentarian Bon Kalindo? Where are the culprits who burned UTM vehicles? Where are the culprits who dressed down a woman and what have you done to restore her divorced marriage?

Where are the killers of Robert Chasowa and Issa Njaunju?

Can you give space to UTM to show what they have in stock in case they get into the government?

Your statement is declared null and void. Let Maenga screen and scrutinize UTM, MCP,  PP and others not you.


Saunders Jumah the Utopian
Malawi Engagement Group [MAENGA]

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