Joyce Banda
Former Malawi President Joyce Banda: returns home on 18 February, 2017

In the continuing twists and turns in the wrangles between former acting People’s Party President, Uladi Mussa, an informed source said the NEC was expected to meet listen to a recording of the events of July 31st when Party President Dr. Joyce Banda was in SA on her way home.

This was in relation to the publicized warrant of arrest, Interpol and its implications.

The source said, Mussa and the former president had held talks previous to the warrant about the need for a meeting.

“The main item on the Agenda was going to be a disunion on ‘way forward.’ Surprisingly, Honorable Mussa somehow became paranoid and thought that the “way forward” would mean putting Roy Kachale(Dr. Banda’s son), taking over the Party,” the source said

According to the source, in precious days prior to Uladi’s declaring himself as aspirant candidate after declaring the expiry of tenure of Dr. Joyce Banda, Roy visited Mussa at his house to assure him that there was no such plan.

“Roy told him four times that he is not ready to take over from Dr. Banda; but he would not listen,” said the source.

In a twist of events, Mussa then decided to declare himself President the day before the planned meeting. By the time he was being interviewed by Zodiak, the PP politibureau members were already traveling to Lilongwe.

Mussa was shocked to learn that there was no such discussion on the agenda, but that Dr. Banda has asked the politibureau to map the way forward and present the same to NEC and thereafter to the entire membership.

In response to this, the former President said she “really feels sorry for him. If my mandate expired on the 29th August, who else in the Party has a mandate, since everybody was elected on same day?”

Another member of the Party said “actually in the case of people like Uladi, they could be said to have no mandate at all, because we just appointed him.”

“It is a pity because Amai likes him a lot,” he said.