Chilima leads demos for Mec Chair Ansah's resignation in Lilongwe


LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Demonstrations aimed at forcing Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Jane Ansah will go on following roadmap office of Attorney General (AG) and Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has been drawn.

On Wednesday, HRDC and AG office met to map the way forward in their quest of finding lasting solutions in attainable of peaceful demonstrations.

Lawyer Khwima Uchizi while representing Human Rights Defenders Coalition demanded that Attorney General being Chief Government legal advisor should advise the State Funded Malawi Broadcasting Station to stop propagating hate programmes within or after demonstrations saying the programming  fuels anger amongst demonstrations.

Uchizi said there is need for the AG office to advise City councils to stop playing politics with issues to do with demonstrations.

“For example the behavior of Blantyre City Council leaves a lot to desired at one time they told us that they will not allow demonstrations in Blantyre because all roads will be busy with other business that was not fair to Malawians,” Said HRDC Chair Timothy Mtambo.

HRDC other demands included deployment of more Police officers during demonstrations so that they can be able to quell the unforeseen situation.

On the other hand, government demanded that HRDC should respect and uphold section 38 which talks about peaceful demonstrations.

Government further demanded that HRDC should be addressing the demonstrators and advise them against violence during demonstrations.

However government also demanded that HRDC should be providing transport for demonstrators.

Government therefore also demanded that Marshall details should be known in advance.


– Demonstration should be accordance section 38 of the constitution.

– Adequate number of police and Marshalls to control the crowd


– Police to train Marshals

– Police to have personal details of Marshals

-HRDC to provide transport to demonstrators after demonstrations

– Party leaders should not be given a platform to talk during demonstrations