APM donation to Karonga flood victims cause chaos with many blaming the DC for a slow response

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KARONGA: Hundreds of flood victims from Kakoma camp who were suppose to be the beneficiaries of the K5 million donation of Malawi President Peter Mutharika in Karonga, slept at the District Commissioners (DC) office on Tuesday demanding the release of the cash.

In late May 2016, Mutharika donated the money to 386 households at the camp and warned the officials not to misuse it.

However, since the day the office of the DC has been silence on the matter while planning to add the list of its beneficiaries a development which has brought irate the Kakoma camp.

“We shall not going back home till you give us all the K5 million as stated by the President. If not your relatives will carry your died bodies from here,” threatened the group.

One of the group leaders, GVH Mwangwela said all the donation goes through the office of the DC had some faults as officials are stealing.

“Why are they not given us the money up to now? Are they taking us as uneducated so that we don’t know what they are doing? We are not going back empty, enough is enough,” said Mwangwela.

However, the office of the DC failed to issue a comment when they saw the anger of the group who claimed to be ready for anything.

However, Maravipost has established that senior traditional leaders are behind the development and that the DC is not responsible for the delays.

Despite the country’s constitution denies the existent of witch craft, people in the district believes of eliminating other lives through magic.

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