Malawi’s youthful Apostle Ephraim Mulungu said unless they are trained to fear God, Malawians will not be financial stable.

Mulungu said this to the gathering on Monday when he was leaving the country to Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa for his organized 2018 Apostolic tour.

According to him, to fulfill this, he has established a non profitable organization called Grace Foundation which will equip Malawians especially the youths spiritually and financially.

“I am leaving to Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa just to spread the words of God. In Zambia will visit areas like Kitwe, Lusaka, Livingston, Kazungula while in Zimbabwe I will be in Masvingo, Harare and south Africa in Cape town. This is according to the God’s words in the Holy Book of Mathews 28 vs 18 which says; Go and preach to all nations. My task is to reach the whole world with the grace of God. In Malawi has done this in Karonga, mzimba and Chitipa,” he said.

Mulungu revealed that his established organization will be launched in January next year after the Apostolic tour.

“While being trained spiritually, through this organization [Grace Foundation] the youths shall be equipped with knowledge on how to run businesses, vocational skills among others. For your information, if you are spiritually trained you will not be buys with social things but with things that will make you leave well in this world,” he added.

Born in Chitipa, Apostle Ephraim Mulungu is a born again Christian under the Central African Presbyterian Church in the Synod of Livingstonia.

He has been worked with different Prophets in spreading God words in and outside the country.