Beat mercilessly civilian for putting military regalia in Zomba

ZOMBA-(MaraviPost)-The Malawi Defence Force (MDF) soldiers from Cobbe Barracks in Zomba are said to have mercilessly beaten an unknown man for allegedly being found putting on military regalia.

The MDF soldiers went further by undressing the suspect.

The photo of a suspected victim having nose breeding has since gone viral on the social media attracting public outcry.

It is not known as to where the suspect got military uniform.

Malawians on the social media have however questioned the conduct of the MDF soldiers.

“This is bad. Very bad here we allowed to wear Sa military. We proud of our nation. Nothing wrong with that. Its only police uniform no one is allowed to wear.”

Concuring with Matenje’s remarks Suzgo Nampeya wrote: “They don’t have a job to do instead of protecting lake Malawi they are busy beating up people here in south Africa pep mr price Woolworths they are selling those things.”

Gilbert Ezekiel chipped in: “Let them move in the shops across the country and in the markets because camouflage clothes are just plenty. We will wait for the Deputy Minister of Defense or the commander In Chief himself to address us so that we are enlightened on what constitute military colours in Malawi. Lucky dube akanamumangatu makosanawa. Unless if there was something else that the dude did that we don’t know.”

civilian beaten

MDF soldiers have been on the public for evil acts towards innocent soul.

Unfortunately the country’s authority has never disciplined any caught in any brutality act.

MDF soldiers  are taken as untouchables despite any atrocities they commit in the country