Arsenal vs Bayern Munich

The international champions cup which was held in Los Angeles has made a buzz on the internet. The own goal of Bayern, the last-minute goal Nketiah. Yet, Arsenal won the match against Bayern in a 2-1 score.  But what made it intense is the draw before Nketiah scored. Let’s see how the match kicked off.

This match started on Thursday the 18th of July. The intensity of the match created a nail- biting atmosphere. The first goal was an own goal. Louis Poznanski was the one marking the first goal for Arsenal. This is quite embarrassing for him. His mistake leads the team down.  The match went on till the 71st minute. Robert Lewandowski scored the first goal for his team which leads to a draw. The match seemed to be a draw. Yet, after Eddie Nketiah’s entry, he struck a goal in the 88th minute. The 20-year-old professional football player assisted by Calum Chambers made his team win.

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Both teams strived and were creating chances to win the match. But it became more intense in the second half as they got their lead. The coach was pleased with his team’s performance and want the team to improve for the fourth-coming matches. “We have the responsibility with the young players to give them chances, we want to use different young players to help. Some players will be with us in pre-season, some players will be with us in the season. Each minute they show their performance against big players. For example, the one-to-one Nketiah against Sule showed how he can respond. He also said: “Today was very positive.”

The coach also mentioned that he has high hopes for the young players: “It depends on their performance. Against Colorado Rapids a lot of young players played. We need them for the moment but also in the future. Our responsibility in this club for the history, present and future is to give young players chance. If they deserve minutes, they’ll get minutes. I’m very happy with them and their work. We are going to play against Fiorentina on Saturday and will use young players. It’s another chance for them to show us how they can respond.”

This match has been hard for both teams, especially the own goal by Bayern. Yet, we got a winner. The Arsenal team has high hopes for Nketiah. Let’s wait and watch for further competitions if he proves his coach and team right or wrong.