Aries: Plans for overseas travel may be in their final stages, so pack your bags and fly off! Those working on a commission basis may find the day most profitable. There is much that you want to tell lover, so find the right opportunity. Health remains excellent. 


Taurus: Whatever you desire on the romantic front is likely to get fulfilled. Parents will be most supportive and will go out of their way to fulfill your desire. Some of you are on the verge of becoming financially independent. You enjoy the best of health. Love life is likely to brighten.




Gemini: Find out why. There is a good chance of meeting someone important who will help you with your career. Networking is likely to bring you nearer to your professional goal. You are likely to go out of your way to help out a friend or relation and win a lot of praise. Those undertaking a long journey will make it in good time.




Cancer: A family elder will be most understanding and support you in everything you do. A social gathering promises to make you the star of the evening! Young couples and those young at heart will be able to share intimate moments with their partners. Monetary problems are set to vanish.




Leo: Someone is likely to take a great deal of interest in what you have to offer on the business front. Those performing well are likely to get full credit for their work. Accolades and congrats may pour in for something you have achieved. You are likely to get socially active and renew many relationships that have cooled over the years.




Virgo: Financial situation is likely to improve for some. A family outing will prove to be fun. Something that you desire on the social front will be yours. Your romantic endeavours are likely to bring positive results. Health remains satisfactory.




Libra: Ignoring a senior’s advice may get you in all sorts of trouble on the academic front. A family elder may not be as supportive as you had believed. Those in love may find it difficult to spare time for a meeting. Suitable lodging that fits the pocket may not be readily available.



Scorpio: An opportunity may be wasted just because you couldn’t get your at together on the professional front. Chances of being made a scapegoat for something you haven’t done look bright. Love life may not be a bed of roses. Spouse may remain cross with you over an issue.




Sagittarius: Financially, you will be able to work towards enhancing your earnings. Adhering to an active life and controlled diet will be enough to find you hale and hearty. You will manage to deal with a man management issue tactfully. You will have your say in a property matter.




Capricorn:  Things go your way on the professional front. Excellent showing on the academic front will put you on the forefront. Spouse will be supportive and will be with you in thick and thin. Financially, you will be much better poised than before. You remain fit and energetic. Love life is most fulfilling.



Aquarius:  You are likely to tighten your belt for an impending job that may affect your career. Don’t ignore someone’s advice, as it is for your own good. You may become overly sensitive to the opinion of others and spoil your day. Chances of strengthening the bonds with those you are causally acquainted with cannot be ruled out.



Pisces:  Your excellent performance is likely to bring you to the notice of those who matter. You will be cool and calculating where money is concerned, as you earn as much as possible. Good dietary control and an active life will ensure that you retain good health.



Astrology and Horoscope Daily Forecast for 21st April 2016
By: Manisha Koushik
(Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader, Numerologist, Vastu & Fengshui Consultant)

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