By Alick Mhango

Mzuzu based political and social analyst Jackson Msiska on Monday described Atupele Muluzi who is also the Presidential aspirant for the United Democratic Front (UDF) as the best running mate material in the coming 2019 polls.

Msiska said this soon after Presidential aspirants for Umodzi party, Professor John Chisi and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Dr Lazarus chakwera presented their nomination papers to the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) in Blantyre.

Chakwera will pattern with Sidik Mia while Chisi will pattern with Timothy Kamulete.

While commending Chakwera’s and Chisi’s choices, Msiska said the young Muluzi has proved to be a ‘joker’ especially on running mate position in the Presidential race.

According to him, this year’s elections need someone with good political background and with structures on the ground in order to win and that the young Muluzi qualify for that.

“I am not underrating other running mates but we needed to call a spade by its name. Atupele is a game changer, a big jocker as far as this year’s elections are concerned. He has all it takes to make any Presidential aspirant to win the elections,” said Msiska.

Adding “being a youth, leading a political party that was in government and has its strong structures on the ground, his political style among others are the main issues that make the young Muluzi the best running mate.”

A Karonga based political pundit Mathews Mhango while concurring with Msiska said the Presidential aspirant that will appoint the young Muluzi as his or her running mate will have a big chance to win the elections.

“Whether it is UTM Party or the ruling Democratic Progressive Party they need this joker to win the elections,” said Mhango.

Mhango said that the young Muluzi controls the eastern region that have almost a million of voters apart from having support from other regions.

“Remember , he was on position four on the 2014 polls. He has also been a minister for the past five years, this is another advantage for him to have support on the ground,” he added.

Currently, Muluzi is expected to go solo in the coming elections and is expected to present his nomination papers and disclose his running mate this Thursday.