If you are heading for the mountaintops of the world and are looking to doing so on foot, we recommend that you double check your backpack and lighten it up by replacing unnecessary items with these essential travel tips. These ideas are bound to lighten the load, make you feel more comfortable throughout your journey and keep you entertained on colder nights. So before you leave your cave, check out these pro backpacking essentials and change the way you explore the universe from here on out.

Pack Those Hiking Boots

Ditch the sneakers and invest in durable hiking boots. They may not be the most attractive addition to your wardrobe but chances are you won’t care much for what they look like when you’re halfway through your hike. Plus they are super handy when hitting the paintball yards, the added paint gives character. So don’t clutch your wallet, splurge out when shopping for these puppies.

Access a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Currently, there are some mobile gadgets that are designed to give you up to a day’s life of portable Wi-Fi. This is exceptionally important if you want to access your apps for health, GPS and entertainment along your journey. You can test if your Wi-Fi works by navigating to a list of sites including asteria.com.ph, which seems to load quite fast.

Don’t Forget Your Power Bank

Charge up all your accessories, but don’t forget to pack in your power bank. You will need this when you want to capture that incredible nature shot, but unfortunately ran out of gas. You need your phone charged, your Bluetooth earphones, Bluetooth speaker and even your Wi-Fi hotspot gadget. So stock up on these if you can and take as many memorable photos as you please without limitations when travelling.

Download Some Mobile Applications

Check to see if you have packed all the right apps into your mobiles suitcase. GPS tracking and notifications will alert the ones you love as to your whereabouts on your journey. If you’re going off the grid, download some personal apps to track your steps and heart rate. If you are looking for something more stimulating, there are lists of gaming sites that can be accessed through your mobile phone’s browser for some pure pleasure on the go.

Read Some Books or Novels

Why not choose an inspirational book or novel to read along your journey. When you are feeling challenged, the book can act as your unlikely companion to urge you on, giving you hope and enjoyment all the while through your travelling journey. Books are a great source of knowledge and are also proven to stimulate the mind at the same time.

All of these essential travel tips are here to help you enhance your journey while you’re out and about. Get packing with these items and you will thank us later. With these items and tips you can get the best travelling experience and it is really simple to implement.