Speaker Gotani Hara against Fainess and Chimulirenji for English language usage on high office

By Peter Makosa

When the country ushered in a first female speaker of Parliament Catherine Gotani Hara we all celebrated not only because she is s woman but because she is capable and deserve every success.

Her ascendancy to the Speakership was not an accident neither was it a miracle. She prepared herself for it many years past. She studied political science and thereafter built herself as a leader.

Soon, people posted her biography on social media feeds. Her CV is impeccable. Chigoneka primary school, Kamuzu Academy, Chancellor College and then went on to become a masters degree holder.

In electing a person of Catherine Gotani Hara’s professional calibre as a speaker we raised the bar higher for in her we have someone who understands the trappings of parliamentary powers, politics and proceedings.

Catherine Gotani Hara’s story is an inspiration to the girl child, a story that does not only inspires but one thst instils motivation to those who aspires for greatness.

We want as many Catherine Gotani Haras in this country. Girls who will take education very seriously and use it as a means to justify the end.

But for us to get as many Catherine Gotani Haras as possible we need to take education seriously and never settle for less. The story of Catherine Gotani Hara is an epitome of hard work, self belief and resilience.

Growing up, Catherine Gotani Hara was a normal girl living a normal life but what separated her apart from her peers was that she was so focused, dedicated and committed herself to education. That is what we want our girls (and boys) to borrow from the madam speaker!

Now, we have a youngest Member of Parliament in one Fainess. She has been praised as brave, confident and daring but her story is sketchy.

We don’t know anything about her. All we know is that she is 24 years old and of course I have just also learnt that she has three kids. Well, she must be quite fertile, is all I can say.

Do we know what she had been doing before becoming an MP, her educational background etc etc?

I think it’s time we know our public servants stories.

While we are celebrating women like Catherine Gotani Hara for putting in a shift in their lives to be where they are, we must not allow ourselves to lower our standards for want to be seen as fair and reasonable while entertaining mediocrity.

We cannot have Catherine Gotani Hara on one side and have Fainess on the other hand as our speaker and legislator respectively. It sulks. We need a balance.

By the way, as we all know it, for one to be an MP the only requirement is that they must be able to speak and write in English well enough.

But listening to Fainess’s interview it is clear that she doesn’t speak English well enough and that she lacks the intellectual stamina if that interview is anything to go by.

So, who certified her eligibility for her to contest as an MP? What other attributes does she have other than being 24 years assuming that that is one of the personal trait that qualified her to become a legislator? Who sponsored her campaign?

If she is an MP but cannot speak English well enough as per required by the law then she is a fraud. We do not want our girls to be like her.

It sounds harsh but our country must always take steps forward and not backwards.

Let’s encourage our girls to be fully equipped with education so they can be intellectually independence. The Fainess type girls are easily manipulated by scheming male skirt chasers.

I don’t stand with Fainess. I think she should go back to school to learn, unlearn and relearn at 24 she still has the world at her feet. Politics is a very dirty game it’s not the fittest that survive, it is the filthest that calls the shots.

For all that is worth it, Fainess needs to shine her brain or else she will soon be a forgotten statistic in Malawi’s political annals, like her boss, Catherine Gotani Hara, she must prepare herself for the future ahead of her.

Is not pure witchcraft and clear-cut hypocrisy that as a country we advocate for the quality of education for the girl child and here we are celebrating a young woman who didn’t do well in education?

Why are we busy defending mediocrity and propagating that it is OK not to be well educated as long as one can manoeuvre their way into politics against all odds so long as you become an MP who would get a MK50 million loan?

The future belongs to the prepared and, the organised.