Technology can improve your productivity at the office and home. It doesn’t matter what task you have to complete; there’s probably an app for that these days. We took a look through hundreds of new releases to compile this list of our favorite productivity apps for 2017. Check them out and add the apps that you feel could benefit your productivity.


Apps for Your Morning Rituals

Getting started in the morning requires an outlook of the day’s activities, a to-do-list, and calendar reminders of any significant events. You can use Todoist and Trello to handle any project management of personal tasks you have lined up. Both of these productivity software’s have offline functionality which makes it easy to work with them, even if you aren’t near an internet connection.

Exciting features of the [programs include Trello card snooze, which can help you coordinate and organize overdue tasks and help you find time in your schedule to complete them in the week. Handle your morning email session with Newton. This handy email app collects all of your email accounts into one, user-friendly dashboard that is easy to navigate.  Newton lets you track all of your emails, allowing you to see when recipients open your messages.


Keep Track of the Time

If you work with teams based at different locations throughout the globe, you can use Timezone to follow the time in any zone. Timezone ensues that you are always on the ball with your team and aware of the peak hours of the day for communications. Time Tracker is another time management app that lets you monitor your web behavior, giving you a detailed report of all the sites you have visited and the time you spent on each of them.



Apps to Keep You Focused

Research has shown that productivity peaks if you concentrate on a twenty-five-minute work session, followed by a five-minute break. Nowadays, some apps help you use this Pomodoro technique. Set timers for productivity with FocusList, this app combines timers with to-do-lists, allowing you to stay focused on the work at hand and avoid distractions.

Handle Your documents

PDF’s are the most widely used file source in the world. Bank statements, quotations, invoices, and even eBooks, all come on PDF files. Previously, it was impossible to download a full version of PDF software to your phone as most of the PDF suites available are too large for a phone’s memory.

Soda PDF has revolutionized the PDF market by introducing the world’s first online PDF suite that you can access from your mobile device. Open PDF’s anywhere you are and complete challenging tasks such as how to pick the placement of the watermark on your image or document and change HTML to PDF format.


For the Road Home Home

If you get stuck on a long commute on the way home, wind down by listening to a podcast. Overcast is a great app that will keep you abreast of the latest podcasts from your favorite internet personalities. Learn on your way home with Blinkist; this smart app summarizes non-fiction books for you.