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By Patience Abeck

Life is too short.Your daily habits can lead you to an early grave. It is important to practice a healthy lifestyle. The simple things we do can cause our death.

1. Chronic lack of sleep

Lack of sleep in detrimental. Individuals who sleep for the shortest time are likely to suffer from heart-related diseases in life. Make sure you have enough time to relax if you do not want to be affected by different forms of conditions at the end of the day.

2. Commuting

The stress levels of commuters is higher compared to persons living a healthy life. When reducing, you need to know that you are risking your life. The stresses that come with waking up and traveling can lead to your death.

3. Too much drinking

Alcohol is not suitable for your health. Excessive alcohol makes you weaker over time. It is recommended to reduce your drinking if you want to live longer. Embrace healthy activities if you’re going to lengthen your lifespan.

4. Watching for long hours

Some people spend a lot of time watching television. The activity is not suitable for your health. Find other things that can boost your health rather than watching tv all the time.

5. Lack of social life

Stress can be dangerous for your life. Persons with miserable social lives are stressed most of the time. These persons often do not have time to smile with their friends. They tend to live a stressed life because they do not know where to start in life.

Source: hivisasa.com