Bingu WA Mutharika
Late Bingu Wa Mutharika: was honored posthumously

In the coming weeks Malawians will be surprised seeing late Bingu WA Mutharika statue standing at Parliament building in Lilongwe.

This remind us of the change of national flag that was changed with a white Sun in 2011 by this very people of DPP.

This also reminds us of unpopular laws of farting and many draconian bills that were passed unilaterally by the ruling party dominance in parliament of the time.

As long as politicians take their greed decisions without national consensus Malawi is heading towards doom without a future.

After Kamuzu Banda no leader has come to transform the country where people matters.

DPP government and Peter Mutharika scared of losing the forthcoming elections are in a desperate moment to plant their evil deeds.

Planting statues of people of national importance is not wrong as long as people are asked or consulted.

Malawi parliament is another docile house which watches as the Executive branch destroys national direction.

Malawi parliament has failed to push for the apprehension of MK577 billion, MK61 billion, it has failed to stop or impeach Peter Mutharika for chronic corruption that has brought this country on its knees.

You don’t need to be in majority for you to push for national direction.

EFF a third largest party in Parliament in South Africa has managed to save South Africa from “state capture” that was to bring the country down.

President Jacob Zuma the most popular leader after Nelson Mandela was recalled because of Julius Malemas EFF.

In Malawi members of parliament care much about allowances and loans but do no good for the house and people.

If we let political parties do as they please our nation has no future.

Erection of statues must be in line with national direction agreed upon by all political parties and counter approved by citizens.

With family political parties we have in Malawi we will end up seeing statues of politicians instead of better roads, schools and hospitals.

I for one do not approve the statue of Bingu WA Mutharika before we think of development that touches souls of citizens across the national status.

To be a president is a job of salary, retirement package and many benefits. Why would we build statues of thieves who stole our taxes meant for development?

They were being paid and have benefits why honoring them when to the larger part of their service they stole a lot from us?

Malawi wake up! Politicians must not be left unchecked, we will end up with statues of thieves and killers all over.

Just as we rejected Mahatma Gandhi statue we also vehemently oppose the pillar praising Bingu WA Mutharika.

Memories of MK61 billion and the blood of 20 innocent citizens have not been forgotten and wounds are still paining.

What type of a nation praise such people?

We are a cursed nation!!!!! Brighter minds must fight and save this nation from this state capture by thieves and greedy figureheads who failed to make a name with their sweat, now are making through theft and our duftness. Dzuka Malawi dzuka!

Saunders Jumah the Utopian

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