NKHOTAKOTA-(MaraviPost)-The Malawi Police in the lakeshore district of Nkhotakota on Thursday arrested a 29- year old man for allegedly hunting for a human placenta to cure his disease.

Madalitso Kalamula: nabbed in Nkhotakota for hunting human placenta to cure his disease his disease.

Nkhotakota Police Deputy Spokesperson Paul Malimwe has identified the suspect as Madalitso Kalamula who on the day of his arrest was suspiciously seen by the night shift nurses wandering at the maternity wing corridor at the Nkhotakota district hospital.

Malimwe told The Maravi Post that following Kalamula’s suspicious movements, the nurses hurriedly alerted the watchmen who apprehended the suspect and took him to Nkhotakota police.

The Police publicist added that while in police custody, Kalamula confessed that he was there in search of a human placenta to make medicine as advised by a herbalist he had consulted who told him that a placenta is a cure of his disease.

“Indeed, we are keeping in custody Kalamula who was found wandering at Nkhotakota district hospital looking for human placenta to heal his disease,” said Malimwe.

“We have therefore charged him with an offence of conduct likely to cause breach of peace contrary to section 181 of the penal code”, he said.

Madalitso Kalamula hails from Nkhunje village in the area of senior chief Mwadzama in Nkhotakota district.