A pregnant woman in Kasungu the northern district of the central region of the Malawi on Wednesday gave birth to two stones, health officials have confirmed.

A pregnant woman like this one gave birth to ‘twin’ stones

The shocking development occurred at Kamboni health center in the district.

Confirming the development, head of the Kamboni Health Center Christopher Kadimba, described the woman as a 23 year old Lilia Phiri.

“The pregnancy was overdue having lasted for almost 12 months and we were surprised to see two identical stones coming out during birth,” said Kadimba.

He said the whole process was normal and the woman did not feel any strange thing when giving birth.

“The two stones were wrapped in black plastic papers but with no blood outside,” he added.

The woman and her two born stones were then referred to the district main hospital for further medical checkup.

In her remarks, Kasungu district health officer Irene Kamwanza could not tell the cause of the problem only saying it was unnatural.

Some community members believe

that the woman was witched.

This is the second time for such things to happen in the country.