Andy Ruiz Jr produced one of the biggest shocks in the history of heavyweight boxing to rip Anthony Joshua’s IBF

In the last few years, Britain has been seen as the home of boxing by many. The huge crowds attending fights, large pay-per-view (PPV) numbers and the gaming atmosphere are what makes British boxing unique from the rest. However, boxing in the UK has hit the rocks in 2019 as most British boxers have started venturing in the American Market.

Fighters like Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua have both jumped ship to launch their fighting careers in the US. That has resulted in abysmal fight cards in the UK, with only pay-per-view fight this year. While AJ Vs. Ruiz fight was PPV, the fight took place in the US, meaning the British boxing enthusiasts and betway bettors had to stay awake till the early morning hours.

Chris Eubank Jr James DeGale DeGale vs. Eubank Jr.

This year, the only PPV fight in England was James Degale Vs. Chris Eubank JR. However, the match didn’t even feature on BT sports or Sky. That was a major setback on British boxing and a huge embarrassment for Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren.

While boxing betting fans will argue that at least there are several free boxing, it also means that the fight cards are not very impressive.  The fights are extremely one-sided, and most of them don’t have very good odds, though bookies like Betway are still trying to make them worthwhile. As such, the 90,000 British fans that Anthony Joshua left to fight in an American arena have no choice than to watch undercard fighters.

It was only last year that British boxing fans were watching Joshua Vs. Parker, Bellew Vs. Haye, groves Vs. Eubank JR and Whyte Vs. Parker. Today, they get the chance to watch Anthony Yards Vs. Travis Reeves and Ted Cheeseman Vs. Sergio Garcia.

With the recent developments in British boxing, it’s extremely clear that Eddie Hearn is more concerned with his billion dollar deal with on-demand sports streaming channel DAZN than Sky Sports. That translates into a great deal of cash, so it’s only fair that he is focusing his efforts there. As such, Hearn has a bigger fish to fry with the thousands of fans that aided Matchroom to the pinnacle of boxing in Britain.

As UK fighters continue to abandon ship, the British boxing has reached crossroads.  That shows that one of these young stars will need to fill the void left by the big names or the sport will be heading back to the early days of Haye Vs. Audrey Harrison and Cleverly Vs. Bellew 2.

In light of the recent developments, many argue that boxing in England has fallen to the early days. That’s because Tom Schwartz Vs. Tyson Fury is the worst PPV in the history of British boxing. Nonetheless, there’s a semi-decent fight card scheduled for July 20th when Dillian Whyte will take on the unbeaten champion Oscar Rivas. Dave Allen will also take on David Price, but for them to be the co-main PPV event, it’s a huge indicator of how far boxing has fallen in England.