The SMP is launching this year’s #BuyMalawian2018 campaign – we want to give you special advance warning so YOU can help lead the campaign! 

Running from 5-19th March, the campaign connects Fair Trade Fortnight, Commonwealth Day and the anniversary of the birth of David Livingstone. It will build Scottish markets for Malawian products, promote Malawi as a tourism destination, support investment into Malawi, and build a positive ‘Buy Malawi’ brand.

#BuyMalawian2018 campaign
Can you commit to buying Malawian products and encouraging others to do so?

Can you commit to buying Malawian products and encouraging others to do so?  Could you persuade your neighbours to switch to Malawian ricecoffee or gin, or –even better- tempt them to holiday in Malawi this summer?!  We’re looking for case studies to share with members, partners and the media, so get thinking about what you could do as part of #BuyMalawian2018.

Win a dream holiday in Malawi by taking on one of our four challenges between 5th and 19th March!