Peter Mutharika
Malawi President Peter Mutharika

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The General Assembly of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) is seeking an audience with President Peter Mutharika. The group’s want to ask the state president to act on his officials who are embroiled in fraud and corruption, advocating that the church can’t watch the country tumbling due to the vice.


The church-based Assembly added its voice to growing calls for he president to act on the suspected corrupt officials after they observed that President Mutharika is still shielding them. The church group predicting that if this is not tamed it will lead to the president’s downfall. 


The church, which consists of five synods including Blantyre, Nkhoma and Livingstonia in Malawi, Harare and Lusaka in Zimbabwe and Zambia respectively is reported by sister newspaper, The Daily Times that meeting with Mutharika was timely. They said Malawians expect good leadership in terms of resource stewardship.


The CCAP General-Secretary for the Assembly Reverend Collin Mbawa, said the church’s role is to give guidance whenever leadership does not serve the interest of its people.


The Assembly observed that the President is being misled on several national issues as he is surrounded with self-serving, greedy people who serve their own interests other than that of Malawians.

“The Synods will not watch the country sinking because of a few people that surround Mutharika. It is sad that our President and his people are not taking issues of stewardship into account seriously. Its sad that the people whom he trusted are alleged to be corrupt. 

“This is the reason the General Assembly plans to meet Mutharika and alert him on the current developments that we believe are affecting Malawians negatively. We have realized that he is surrounded by people who are misleading him”, said Mbawa. 

But State House Press Secretary, Mgeme Kalirani called the Synod’s observations assumptions that could only be taken seriously in writing not through the media. 

Kalirani said that president Mutharika has never denied anyone an audience, and he appealed to people that his office considers serious matters.