DEDZA-(MaraviPost)– Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Lazarus Chakwera, over the weekend took to task the DPP Government over its delay to give Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (ADMARC) money to purchase maize.

Chakwera said the move will contribute to another hunger crisis in the year ahead; urging that only vendors are to benefit from the late purchase arrangement.

The MCP President observed that most subsistence farmers are selling maize at give-away prices.

Chakwera was speaking at Mayani in Dedza on Saturday, when he addressed a political rally to campaign for Lameck Benson, candidate for MCP in Mayani Ward Local Government by-elections.

The opposition leader in Parliament told the gathering that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration was deliberately creating a food crisis in the country ahead of the election in 2019, so that Malawians should be kneeling before those in power to beg for food.

He accused the government of creating more poverty in the country than reducing it and of drastically lowering education standards, leaving many Malawians illiterate.

“This government has its policies upside down. The government released money to ADMARC to buy maize from you, people, yet you had already sold the maize at K3,000 per [50 kilogramme] bag. You will need at least eight, or more, bags of maize to buy fertiliser. This is too late, too little.

“Malawians have all the reasons to vote this government out of power during the 2019 general elections. This government takes Malawians for fools. Their time is up; they must go,” Chakwera said.

But government spokesperson, Nicholas Dausi, laughed off Chakwera’s remarks saying the DPP-led government was sorting out all problems it inherited when it got into power in 2014.

“The issue of ADMARC is straight forward; everyone knows the truth. He [Chakwera] should know that he will have an uphill battle to unseat the DPP.

“We will face the MCP in 2019 fair and square. Warn him he is yet to nurse the loss of 2019,” Dausi said.

Turning to the ‪October 17‬ by-elections, Chakwera said the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC), should ensure the poll is free, fair and credible.

“They [MEC] should not let their past bad image haunt them. They must show that they are changed by ensuring a free, fair and credible election. As MCP, we have put in place systems to seal all loopholes which led to vote rigging,” he said.