Embattled Malawi ex-agriculture minister, George Chaponda, has said he thinks he has been a victim of circumstances throughout the maizegate scam, but says he does “not feel betrayed in anyway.”

Chaponda, an ivy league scholar, said he was not in anyway mad with President Peter Mutharika for relieving him of his position as minister during the commission of inquiry the President had instituted.

“Actually, I am thankful to President Mutharika because he had entrusted me with the responsibility and as a leader he had thought it wise that an inquiry be instituted,” said Chaponda.

He insisted in an interview that he had not done any wrongdoing in the matter.

“That is why the inquiry found me clean. So too the court.I was actually sad that the civil society accused me of having gotten away with MK9.8 billion. It is and will never be true,” he added.

At that, Chaponda said the CSOs and the public needed to check with him because, he said, the money he has emanates from hard work.

“I have been an investor and a businessman for a long time. Both in Malawi and elsewhere. I am free to everyone who wants to know how I made my fortune,” Chaponda said.

Speaking about the future he said, to him, nothing has changed at all.

“I am taking a day at a time,” he said.