22-year-old lady wins election as member of Malawi parliament (photos)

Several years ago, I defended another prominent lady politician (who was also a long serving cabinet minister in several regimes), on her articulation of spoken English. As a well-travelled woman, I have learnt that there is nothing wrong with “breaking” any language which is not your mother tongue.

I have met many non-English language speakers, many of them white (like French, Russian, Dutch, etc.,) who have struggled to articulate themselves and spoke broken English. In fact, I find it more depressing when Malawians fail to speak their own mothers’ tongue. Furthermore, I have also learnt that there are a huge number of non-English people who are brilliant at writing English but struggle to construct 3 word when speaking it. Let’s remember that speaking English is not a mark of intelligence. Many eloquently English speakers failed to make it to parliament….

So, let’s not waste our precious time criticizing Hon. Fyness Mwagonjwa about her gallant attempts at spoken English. It is extremely petty and juvenile. This amazing young lady has tenacity to be admired. 99% of the people she is representing, the very people who saw her brilliance and voted for her, don’t speak English at all and it doesn’t matter either. I heard what she was saying and so did you. That is all that matters.

Let’s remember, parliament is not only for graduates and many graduates I know can’t even write proper English either let alone speak it.

If Hon. Fryness hadn’t been from the ruling party this wouldn’t have been an issue at all. I say this because I know many opposition MPs, now and before, who can’t even put two English words together. But their flock keep voting them back into parliament. Both male and female. So, leave her alone please.

Remember we all can’t throw an American thwang like the good Reverent