Member of Parliament for Chikhwawa Central Zahil Gaffar has come under fire from an influential chief in his area Traditional Authority Katunga who is accusing him of misappriating funds meant for the purchase of construction materials of his office.

In an interview at his Namalindi headquarters in Chikhwawa, Traditional Authority Katunga also accused Gaffer for not undertaking on some crussial infrastructural projects in his area although funds for the projects were already provided for under the Constituency Development Fund(CDF).

According to Katunga, one year since funds were approved at the district council for the purchase of construction materials of his office, the office is yet to be constructed.

The T/A said efforts to meet the MP to account for the funds has proved futile as he has been elusive. Traditional Authority Katunga has vowed not to relent until justice on the matter is done.

“I have indeed summoned the MP after noticing that some projects we agreed with him were not being implemented. I have information that the MP has been getting money for various projects in my area but there are no new projects in my area.

“I have information that he reported at the council that my office is already completed when nothing is being done about it. Last time I called him he said he will come to handover the construction materials of my office but he never came.

That’s what he has been saying. I shall not relent until my office is built,” said Katunga.

Programmes officer for Center For Fighting for Freedoms Organisation John Josik,a local NGO operating in T/A Katunga’s area collaborated T/A Katunga’s remarks saying he delivered a latter on behalf of the MP for him to meet the chief and his subjects but the MP has been non committal.

Gaffar confirmed getting a latter requesting him to appear before the chief but he said he failed to go as he was required to travel to Lilongwe for Parliament meeting.

He said he requested for the meeting to be rescheduled until Parliament rises.

The MP dismissed accusations against him that he misused money for the purchase of construction materials of T/A Katunga’s Office, saying the supplier called Sayid investment delayed in supplying the construction materials.

He said at the moment the supplier has managed to supply some bags of cement which he plans to handover over when Parliament rises.

“I have four Traditional Authorities in my constituency, the T/A should realise that its not like when he mentions a project then it shall immidiately been done,” said Gaffar”.

According to Traditional Authority Katunga a number of infrastructure development projects the incumbent member of Parliament pladged before he was voted into office have not been fulfilled.

He mentioned Mawira CDSS, Chinangwa under five clinic and construction of a std 8 class room block at chilongoma primary school as some projects the MP is yet to fufill.

There is no an under five clinic in Traditional Authority Katunga’s area forcing expectant women to cover a long distance to Chikhwawa District Hospital to seek care.

Zahil Gaffar replaced Benadettor Mlaka Maliro as an MP for Chikwawa Central Constituency in the 2014 tripartite elections as an independent candidate.

The incumbent defected into the rulling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).The constituency was once held by Salim Bagus who is now in the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP).