A teacher at Pwazi Primary school in Chikwawa district has gone to a self-imposed exile after community members and other authorities discovered that he has been having an affair with a standard six pupil.

The primary school teacher has been identified as Brian Kaucha, according to Primary Education Advisor for Kalambo Zone Mr. Elias Nkhuku.

According to Nkhuku, Kaucha was in an affair with the child and had once spent the whole night with the student.

“The father of the girl found out the matter after the girl’s sister said the girl did not sleep in the house. After pressing her and beating her, the girl said he slept in the house of the teacher,” said Nkhuku.

The matter was reported to Parents and teachers Association who called for a meeting with Kaucha in a bid to discipline him.

But since the meeting was held on March 15, Kaucha has not been seen anywhere.

Meanwhile, the girl’s parents and some Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) have expressed their anger and have since called for justice against the teacher.