Chapananga Bridge
DEVELOPMENT: Construction works in full throttle at Chapanga Bridge – Pic by Steve Chirombo

Chikwawa, 6 September, 2018: Communities of Senior Traditional Authority Chapananga in Chikwawa district have commended President Professor Peter Mutharika for effecting the construction works of 180 metres Chapananga bridge.

Communities from Changoima and Gola areas said for many years they felt neglected as most development activities were not coming to them.
“The waste thing was that lack of bridge here created a political boundary. We all belong to Chikwawa West but for many of us from Changoima and Gola areas felt neglected by previous governments.
“We noted with concern that previous governments, some nongovernmental organizations and other stakeholders preferred working on the side of Kakoma, Phwadzi and Chapananga,” said Mateyu Thauzeni.
“But now we thank the current Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government for implementing the bridge project. Scores of people lost their lives when they attempted to cross the flooding Mwanza River and it was difficult to ferry pregnant women to the district hospital located at a distance of about 50
kilometers,” he added.
He further said: “People here have suffered for quite a long time probably for the past 40 years. The absence of a bridge on Mwanza River brought a lot of misery. You can even imagine that children on the other side were finding hard to cross the river to to to school and that transportation of goods and farm produce like
cotton, bananas, cassava and oranges for business purposes was even much harder.”
Senior Chief Chapananga said he was quite impressed with progress of the project. He said the bridge will enhance trade between Malawi and other Countries like Mozambique and South Africa.
“There were several politicians from various political parties in the past who promised to construct the bridge but they never fulfilled their promises. When Professor Peter Mutharika came here to campaign somewhere in November 2013 he promised to construct the bridge and he has done exactly that. We
thank him for this bridge which will likely change the face of my area,” said Chapananga.
The chief promised to sensitize his subjects to  guard against any vandalism.
“I have already been passing this message to Area development Committee members, my Group village heads and village heads on the importance of the bridge and how to take care of it,” he said.
Member of Parliament for the area Kennedy Maluwa echoes Thauzeni and senior Chief Chapananga’s sentiments.
He said implementation of the multi billion kwacha Chapananga Bridge is a big relief to people of his area.
He added that apart from the bridge, the APM government has also constructed Chapananga Rural Growth Center and helped to bring electricity to the hard to  reach area of Kubalalika, Ngona, Gola and Changoima, some 70 kilometres from Chikwawa Boma.
“We are very thankful to the President for the construction of this 4 billion kwacha bridge. We believe once it is completed, government will do the same to the road,” said Maluwa who sounded happy and confident of maintaining his political career.
He further said that before the bridge, an average of 10 people were being washed away and killed by the flooding Mwanza River every year.