Saulos Chilima
Why is Malawi’s Vice President criticising a government of which he still is a member?

By Frank  Kamanga


It is now official that the vice-president Dr Saulos Chilima is going to engage his biological father’s family to tame the spirits.


Late Henderson Chilima, a senior air crafts engineer at the then air Malawi was his step father. His biological father was late Jussab Hamdani and was the deputy mayor for Lilongwe under late Councillor Charles Chimdzeka.


He was a very successful business person who owned and ran the Engen filling station after Walkers in Biwi on the M1Road.


He named him Arafat Hamdani before he changed to Saulos at Baptisim at Catholic Institute church in Blantyre.


Late Henderson Chilima officially adopted young Arafat at the time he officially married his mother from Ntcheu a nee Valera.


However, his biological father from Dedza had 21 children and the last born was six months old when he was dying.


The mother is a Secretary at the Episcopal Conference of Malawi Secretariat in area 11.


His other brothers are Talib and Hussein with Jabin being one of his sisters. But with late Henderson Chilima he had a sister Tionge.


Arafat or Saulos is the same person you can choose what you want to call him depending on the mood.


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