By Alick Junior Sichali
NTCHEU-(MaraviPost)-Malawi’s Vice President and also the leader of United Transformation Movement (UTM), Dr. Saulos Chilima, on Sunday urged Malawians to adapt the behavior of hard work whenever they are doing things meant for the development of the country.
Dr. Chilima made the remarks in Ntcheu district during a rally organised by UTM, saying over 53 year’s Malawians have had a belief that some of the things done by developed countries cannot happen in the country.
Chilima said time has come for Malawians to remove the uncertainty saying Malawi has the resources to do what other countries are doing to improve their economic status.
The remarks by the Veep comes after President Peter Mutharika said it is impossible for the country to have a high speed train and 1 million people employed in a year.
“For decades people in the country have been told by our top leaders that what is being done in the developed nations cannot happen here, that is a belief we need to remove in the country time has come for change, katengeni labala mukafufute pomwe panalembedwa kuti sizingatheke ndikuikapo kuti zotheka kuyambira lero,” Chilima said.
The leader of UTM hinted on how the country can create 1 million jobs in a year saying once voted into power they will introduce a MK40 billion loan fund to 200, 000 people to start their businesses.
He said if people have established their own businesses they will be able to employ other people in the business which at the end will make more people to be employed.
Apart from introducing the MK40 billion loan fund, Chilima said the UTM administration will make sure that Admarc is restructured so that it start performing its duties as it had been in the past.
“Some people because of not having visionary leadership are saying it is impossible for the country to create 1 million jobs in a year, here is how UTM will create 1 million jobs in a year; we will introduce a 40 billion Kwacha loan fund to 200,000 people so that they start businesses,”.
“As soon as they start their businesses it means we have already employed 200,000 people and if their businesses are doing well on the market and they decide to employ a person to assist them, it will now make the figure reach 400, 000,” Chilima explained.
The Veep said his administration will make sure that teachers, nurses, soldiers, police officers, among other people who get employed by the government get recruited just after they have finished their trainings.
Implementing some government projects like the Nsanje Inland Port and opening factories where people will be employed are some the strategies UTM has lined up for job creation.
During the rally Chilima stressed the need for politicians to stop politics of castigation as it has not helped the country to be economically developed.
Louis Ngalande, Noel Masangwi and Patricia Kaliati at the rally said governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials have approached them several times saying they should abandon Saulos Chilima but they have refused the offer as they put at heart welfare of Malawians.
Ngalande also dismissed reports that have been circulating on the social media that he has joined the ruling party.