LINCOLN-(MaraviPost)-Malawi Vice President who is also UTM party leader Saulos Chilima on Saturday emphasized the need for the country to have  transformation leadership.

Chilima was speaking to  UTM party Diaspora chapter dinner at Lincoln Restaurant in the United States of America (USA) where he is on private trip

Chilima started by saying UTM was formed to ensure that there is change in Malawi


The way things are being done in Malawi is not right for the 17.5 million Malawians


Chilima said that when he takes over government he will appoint 50% women and 50% men all capable not just because they come from a certain area



Answering questions from the dinner guests, Chilima said will ensure that it’s leaders set an example to all Malawians, because when leaders are not corrupt, those below them follow suit.

“For corruption to stop, we must sort out the top, the ones stealing millions on top, the people on bottom will follow,” said the UTM President.

He said said his government will also look after the elderly and widows.

Responding to questions on the current endless power outages, Chilima said that there are many options for solving the energy crisis facing the country, and that his committed have a blueprint that will be rolled out when UTM takes leadership of Malawi.

A Nigerian guest said that whatever Malawi is doing, other countries are watching; she said therefore, she gives her stamp of approval for Chilima and the UTM: “your re doing a great thing,” she said.

“We need to commit and sacrifice for the good of the 17 million people in Malawi. They matter more than we do,” Chilima said.

Chilima said “we are the one who put the rulers in power and we cannot be scared of them,” in response to the current spate of rampant violence against members of his party.

Another question, was on how to appease people working for the effort to get Chilima in power, he said “we have to put people in power who have the welfare of 17 million people,” and cautioned against working forward that effort because of getting positions.

On election alliances Chilima said for election alliances to work, we (me as your leader and all members) must go into room with open hearts and blank minds.

He then asked the Diaspora to get involved by investing and performing other activities.

In closing he advised them to “get ready to vote in 2024 from Diaspora! This is what was desired.”

Speaking before the UTM leader spoke, the UTM USA Diaspora President Eddie Naming’ona said that the members’ sacrifice will come in terms of contributions to the movement, not just words.”

He encouraged the members that in order to UTM to take over government, the members must act in these four months.

Chilima is expected to be back in Malawi on January 24.