Interim President of the newly registered party United Transformation Movement (UTM) who is also the country’s Veep Dr Saulos Chilima on Saturday unveiled his 2019 Presidential sworn in ceremony plan.

The Veep revealed the plan in Ntchisi district where his party hold its political rally.

While assuring the gathering that he [as the President] and UTM councillors as well as Members of Parliament (MPs) will carry out the flag coming 2019, Chilima said the sworn in process will start in January.

He said as the one worked with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials before, he knows their weakness and strength hence his confidence.

“We are the winning team and don’t waste your vote to others, believe it. Pa chichewa palimwambi; amene wawona chiphyera pasana panzache ndiamene umasambanaye limodzi kumtsinje. I know DPP more than anyone especially because I was its member. Therefore when I say we are the winning team don’t doubt,” said Chilima.

Adding “We shall announce issues of transport in January next year before elections. I don’t want any delays. We shall book the buses in advance so that people who want to attend should be aware of. On 22 May, 2019 is where the sworn in ceremony will be held and soon after we shall start work, no more delays.”

He said his plan after the elections is to change the face of Malawi on the ground and not on paper as it is now.

UTM Secretary general Patricia Kaliati asked the residents to vote for Chilima if they want development and end hunger as well as corruption.

In his part Newton Kambala assured the business people in the district as well as Malawi that Chilima is the answer to their current problems.