By Saunders Jumah the Utopian

Malawians are desperate for change of facial leadership instead of the virus that destroys leadership.

The ruling party is at war with itself, the main opposition is at war within itself and so are other political parties except the Peoples Party which is still intact despite its leadership four year absence in the country.

Citizens are blowing like wind east, west, north and south without knowing the actual direction of the political campus of this nation.

Failure to remove the puss of the country’s political wound, bandages are running short because of dressing the same wound without healing. Deep down the political wound is widening and becoming seriously smelling.

News of Chilima Revolution are on high moral ground presently with many supporting but the big question over how the tail becomes the head is having no answer.

This is why the revolution is better be called devolution because it is not going to be.

Late Bingu Wa Mutharika calculated his way up to dissolve yellow and made blue to emerge. We are yet to see how blue will change and remain blue.

The two giants share the same cup of tea, the followers of the giants draw a battleline against one another. One wonder what type of war is this? There is no revolution that is victorious without a leader.

Chilimaism seems to be an egg hatched without a Hen. Lack of proper timing, planning and strategy is the downfall of the vice president from taking over.

If today president Peter Mutharika decides to fire Saulos Chilima it will be game over for the revolution of Chilima.

The problem of Malawi politics is not changing of faces but changing of the system.

It is important for citizens to establish “Malawi Revolution” that will change the entire system of government to be replaced by a new set of governance tools and implements.

The dictum do not believe all the fracas in DPP, MCP, AFORD and UDF are about changing the system but repetition and consolidation of the existing system to enrich themselves and become billionaires as Malawi State Craft is a conglomerate controlled by who is supposed to be a servant and an employee.

This is why we see exodus and battle for leadership.

Peter Mutharika is old [yes] but with such powers and benefits will he want to relinquish power when he know pretty well his continuous stay at state house assures him of good health and unending wealth?

Enock Chihana will not conduct free and fair elections knowing the benefits at Sanjika Palace and Malawi House in Lilongwe.

Atupele Muluzi will not conduct free and fair convention in UDF to let man of the people Lucius Banda takeover and be at state house.

This is the same battle with Richard Msowoya and Sidik Mia in MCP.

Chilimaism revolution has ill-timed its intelligence, there is a likeability of failure in as far as Malawi politics is concerned.

Joyce Banda seems to be playing her politics in her party differently may because she is a woman is anyone’s guess.

The dictum appeal to Saulos Chilima to stand up and face his senior president Peter Mutharika and declare his interest, so that he can avoid shooting himself on the foot.

Politics is a game of thinking, you think late you lose. You think quick you win. There is no way Chilima can be using people and hide. This is the time he must stand up and gamble.

In concluding the dictum appeal to all citizens with different political view and ideologies to stop the bickering once and come together for all of us to overhaul the entire system.

It is not Peter Mutharika who is wrong, it was not Joyce Banda who was wrong and surely it was not Bakili Muluzi who was wrong. It is the system these people found which is outdated and destructive.

The mistake was to salivate when they joined the system.

If there is any Revolutionist in Malawi should be the one who will challenge the system while inside or outside.

You do not use Monarch tools in a democratic dispensation. You do not use capitalist instruments in a socialist system.

We must all come together and remove the system that is used in a wrong platform.

In a democracy party politics are separated from government politics. In a democracy division of power is a fundamental order, in a democracy a leader is a servant of the people, in a democracy the president and his/her government are held accountable by the people.

In a democracy a president must be summoned to explain where he as an employee is getting money to give to students who are struggling with high fees for booze?

A president must be questioned against the manners he teach future leaders by intoxicating them with alcohol?

In a democracy the president must be summoned to explain why the nation lives 14hrs in darkness when citizens are paying tax non stop?

In a democracy it is the duty and responsibility of citizens to recall or impeach the government and its leader if 90% of the people are not satisfied with his/her leadership style.

It is in democracy where the above accountabilities are enforced.

For 25 years democracy of Malawi has not enforced democracy, we have lived as a Monarch in a wrong environment.

*******Saunders Jumah is a regular Maravi Post contributor works for MAENGA;

His views expressed in this article are not necessarily the views of the Publisher or the Editor of Maravi Post