Salvation House supports households in Karonga
Karonga Malawi

KARONGA (Maravi Post)–There is concern that cholera may continue victimizing residents of Karonga district following the outbreak of the disease in the neighboring Tanzania, health officials have said.

According to the district Environmental Health Officer Luis Tulula, one the Karonga residents close to Kyera, the district of Tanzania has already been identified with the disease.

He said his office in collaboration with some Non Governmental Organizations as well as some community radio stations have already started sensitizing the community.

“We thought the disease will end completely but our assumption was wrong because as I am talking, cholera has now struck our neighboring Tanzania, a development which is worrisome,” said Tukula.

“Our fear is that the disease may spread to the district again because one person from Kaporo area has already been identified with the disease,” he disclosed.

Tukula added that “what we are advising the surrounding community is that they should temporary stop going to Tanzania as well as eating uncovered food.”

He added that his office is working hand in hand with its counterpart in order to make sure that the disease is not spreading further.

Meanwhile, 14 people have died with the disease in the district since April this year.