LILONGWE – A young Chorleywood teacher has given up all her home comforts to spend the next academic year educating youngsters in Malawi. Having just finished a degree in Primary Education instead of looking for a job she joined an organisation called Latitude that offered the opportunity that finds her in Malawi.


Olivia Cookson,says on her blog reasons for choosing Malawi were not extensive. In fact, much like her choice of university, it had an awful lot to do with looking at pictures and then deciding Malawi it was going to be.

Once in Malawi however she is hoping to set up a cultural exchange between the Ngara school where she is working as a volunteer and some British schools who are interested in learning African cultures.

Olivia Cookson story was featured in her local paper the Watford Observer. She encourages her friends back at home and those interested to follow what she calls hugely exciting opportunity to visit her blog at

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