By Alick Junior Sichali
BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-Concerned citizens under the banner of Gandhi Must Fall Movement have signed a petition to be presented to the Blantyre City Council calling for the stoppage on the construction of a former Indian icon, Mahatma Gandhi statue in the city.
Spokesperson for the concerned members, Mkotama Katenga-Kaunda, in an interview with Maravi Post said their is no sense in recognizing and honouring people that used to torture Malawians during colonial rule.
According to Kaunda Malawi has people who fought for its independence and freedom but they are yet to be honoured with the dignity they deserve.
Kaunda made mention of John Chilembwe, Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda and other former Presidents.
“Mahatma Gandhi does not qualify for the credit because he was one of the people who were oppressing black people during colonial rule,” Kaunda explained.
Kaunda further said during Gandhi’s stay in South Africa, he was only fighting for freedom of Indians.
He said in South Africa Gandhi was calling black people degrading and sarcastic names.
Among others, the grouping says it will present its petition which has been signed by 3,000 people to Blantyre City Council on its concerns over the project.
“On a number of occasions when the citizenry protest the government does nothing on the grievances but this time we are going to do anything up until government hear our concerns. If they fail to address our issue we are going to do a thing that will stop the project from continuing,” he explained.
Mahatma Gandhi is celebrated as a freedom fighter for India’s independence from Great Britain.
But other reports indicate that he was racist towards black people.