Guilford College
Guilford Collegeis located in the Merano town in the Italian Alps

Stressful experiences are all around us, but college life can well be in the top three, especially for students who aren’t properly prepared. Separation from your home and family, and entrance into a different social sphere as a stranger is difficult by default. Despite the fact that each student is likely to react to this life change in their own way, there are some issues which have surfaced far more often than others. Identifying such issues among classmates and students is the first step to helping them experience college life to the fullest.


  1. Eating Disorders

Once college students are left to fend for themselves, it is likely that they will resort to the simple solutions of fast food chains. Eating junk food at unreasonable times just to meet the college paper deadline is a known cause of digestion disorders. This issue can be easily noticed, as students are bound to feel stomach ache or even develop bulimia, anorexia or any other medical condition.

The best solution to this problem is prevention, as parents are advised to teach their future-college-students how to cook some simple dishes that won’t take up much of their study time. Counseling sessions are also advisable at an early stage, so that youngsters can understand the importance of proper nutrition.

  1. Mental Health Issues

Other college students are less direct in showing the troubles they are going through. They don’t manifest anything physically, but can develop all kinds of psychological problems beneath the surface. Some students develop a form of addiction in their attempts to deal with their college studies, others experience severe depression, and ultimately, there are those who find comfort in substance abuse.

Students are advised to find some kind of hobby – be it a game from Netbet casino, Tetris or table tennis. Since none or all of these can indicate addiction, depression or loneliness, you need to be very careful when approaching the matter. The first step to overcoming this type of issues is acknowledging it, and seeking appropriate professional medical assistance.

  1. Financial Trouble

Despite all efforts to make college more accessible to everyone, it is still widely regarded as a luxury not everyone can afford. The whole family is often affected by this burden, but it has been proven that it is even harder for the students who have to deal with the troubles first-hand. It may be difficult to identify fellow students who are going through a financial crisis, but there are a few signs that make it easier. If you suspect this to be the case, you could observe their way of dealing with money, most frequent purchases and their attitude towards money when it is a topic of discussion.

Financial trouble is the third most common issue for college students, but it is just as curable as the previous two. Students can take up some freelancing jobs, part-time work or even full time positions to help lighten their debt, while still allowing them to study their chosen subjects.