Paramount Kyngu

Residents of Kaporo in the area of Traditional Authority Kilipula in Karonga district have cried foul over the delays by the District Fisheries Office to provide fingerlings for the community’s fish dam, which has remained idol for the past two years.

The dam, which is located in the area of group village headman Simon Chawinga, was constructed in 2015 under the Local Development Fund (LDF), but since completion has remained idle due to, among other

factors, inadequate water and no fingerlings provided for the dam.

According to Blessed Mwale chairperson of Noah dam, since the dam was completed, neither fisheries nor council officials has visited the constructed dam site since its completion.

“We are surprised and wondering why fisheries officers or council officials have not visited the dam despite it being completed, and ready for us to use the facility for the betterment of the community,” he lamented.

Both Noah Dam and Shasha dam in the area of Paramount Kyungu, are some of the dams, which were constructed but remain idle, due to failure of the authorities from the council and fisheries to give support and assistance.

The Fisheries officials have also failed to explain to the community and the media, on how much money was spent in constructing the two dams.

The fact that the  dams are not functional, was revealed during a media tour by Karonga-based journalists with support from the Development Communication Trust (DCT).

However district fisheries officer for Karonga Simon Ngwila, while conceding of having the knowledge of the said dam, admitted he has not visited the constructed facilities.

“The office was aware of the dams, but due to limited human power at the office, we failed to tour the site to provide supervision,” said Ngwila.

He furthermore said that his team would tour the site soon, to see what is needed for it to become functional.