Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Dr. Jane Ansa

Contributor: Cornelius Wa Mapira

Some may think am trying to contradict with the Auditors report, no, but I want to take you through on how the Auditors carried their duties.

Auditors were deployed in all constituencies to verify results before sending them to national tally centre.

The actual verification of election results by Auditors was at Constituency tally centre at national tally it just to compare the electronic transmitted results sheets to physical delivered sheets.

All Elections results were verified by Auditors at Constituency tally centres before sending them to National tally.

There is no report which indicated that the results sheet which Auditors verified at constituency tally centre differ with the one National tally centres received.

After the announcement of results at 60%, Auditors at national tally centre continued to verify the already verified results at constituency level and there are no irregularities which have been reported to date.