By Saunders Jumah

Last time I checked school pupils lost lives because of lowly financed school building in Zomba, last time I checked school leaving certificates examination were wrote on cold floor without desks and chairs.

Last time I checked this country in in darkness without energy, government is struggling with fuel to switch on expensively rented generators, last time I checked mortuaries had rotten bodies because of lack of funds to repair them.

Last time I checked hospitals had no medicines, last time I checked budget was trimmed because Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) had not collected enough from our taxes.

Private and public sectors have been there listening and seeing the government lamenting against bankruptcy.

One wonder where are the millions coming from going to Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) convention?

The question that arise is, a ruling party is more important than the needs and requirement of the country in Malawi?

Several political parties that make democracy at work in Malawi has had its conventions, some of whom made appeals and went for fund raising bazaars to raise funds for their conventions.

A million Kwacha question comes, what is the importance of the ruling party to receive such hefty amount of money????? The answer is simple and one “Corruption.”

Millions from private sector are flooding because they need favours for tenders and contracts from the government. This is the genesis of corruption in Malawi. (Scratch my back and I return the favours)

This is reminding us the “force” we received under one party state when we were told if we did not contribute towards gifts of Ngwazi Dr. Kamuzu Banda we were rebelling against him. Cash, chickens, goats, cattle and eggs were collected by force.

Similar mentalities are at work in Malawi where the ruling party write letters asking for financial assistance “ambgramatically” telling private sector that if they do not give it means they support opposition parties. “This nonsense must stop.”

If this mentality continues Malawi is dying a “death of progress and successful.”

The mentality of giving the ruling party upper hand than the rest is demeaning democracy and promoting corruption.

Will MRA be able to collect tax from Victoria Hotels that has just donated 10 million to the ruling DPP party? The answer is no.

Will MRA be able to question Mapeto or Mota Engil for evading tax after the companies give 10 and 20 million? The answer too is big no too.

Democracy has just been “undressed and left naked” because to be precise Malawi do not know the true practical meaning of democracy and the rule of law.

Why donating such millions to a ruling party when the country has a lot of challenges?

As long as ruling parties are treated as “owners of the country” and “decision maker for the nation”, as long as the president is treated as “God” Malawi must forget seeing progress and prosperity.

Gifts are not denied but the list is too much.

If DPP and president Peter Mutharika love this country they will divert the millions donated to the much needed sectors in hospitals, schools, compensating the families that lost their loved ones in pursuit of education in Zomba.

Buy desks and chairs for school children that sat for primary level examination squating on the school floor.

Build a school that is somewhere in Nkhota Kota which is grass built.

To go for a convention which is well known the incumbent torch bearers will go unopposed and spend such millions is a mockery of a ruling party and president of the Republic.

We need to see some things without shades in our eyes.

This country in its current condition does not need luxury. We need to be in overalls, drive Japanese import cars, maintain two state houses for the head of state to make citizens appreciate our sacrifices too.

It’s a pity to hear government and torch bearers roaring against corruption but doing nothing to stop the vice.

Saunders Jumah is a regular Maravi Post contributor works for MAENGA;

His views expressed in this article are not necessarily the views of the Publisher or the Editor of Maravi Post