Uladi Mussa: in police custody over passport fraud

Malawi is a rotten country when it comes to ruling parties in the government. There is no government that ever ruled Malawi and came out without being involved in scandals of corruption and state looting.

Our country has been deprived of development in many aspects because of corruption and state looting by government officials that includes the president.

The arrest of Uladi Mussa former government minister in the People’s Party under Joyce Banda, speaks volumes over how Malawi has been stinkingly rotten with corruption and state looting.

We are aware that no government is clean ever since independence. However, we applaud the detention of the former minister and we demand justice to take its course. The issue of citizenship must be conducted by a tribunal that comprise traditional chiefs and immigration department not ministers. However DPP party must be praised for bringing Uladi Mussa to justice and we demand that in 48 hours he must be in court where his case must lead to judgement.

While we praise DPP government for the action though too late, we also demand that it’s own minister and party Vice President (ex-Agriculture minister, George Chaponda) must also be arrested for being found with huge amounts of money and implicated in several corruption cases. Arresting Uladi Mussa and leaving George Chaponda brings the whole exercise of curbing corruption to turn around and look like witch hunting and political persecution.

If there is political commitment in trying to curb corruption, there must be no sacred cows. In the case of DPP and Peter Mutharika, it is an obvious matter that those who must see justice are from the opposition. But the DPP’s own members are sacred cows. George Chaponda, Makondi and the six ministers are sacred cows that cannot be detained or face justice. This is dangerous for a country that is wounded by rampant and excessive corruption.

Our demand therefore, is straight forward; we do not care who did what, is from where, which party he or she is affiliated. As long as there is an implication of corruption, they must be investigated, apprehended, and face justice.

On corruption, we are siding with the country and the voiceless masses. We are not going to pretend. Corruption is evil, it is the devil that has killed countless citizens across the country.

It is pitiful and shameful to note that medicines are not available in hospitals when millions of tax payers’ money are hidden by corrupt ministers. Blantyre rural west lives no different from the the time of  Roy Wellesky ruled during the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland.

The ancient transport nerve that build Malawi, Blantyre, Mwanza via Chileka and Thambani road closed. If this area is denied infrastructural network in roads what about my fellow brothers and sisters in the neglected northern region? Yet huge amounts of money are misappropriated by few ministers.

We are not happy with just detaining the former minister in the orange camp for issuing citizenship to people through bribery. Justice must take its course and it must do now. What we want to hear is that corruption in Malawi is history.

We do not care who ever is implicated with corrupt in Malawi, must be apprehended.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian

The better future of Malawi begins with a blanket campaign against state looting and corruption


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