As medical tourism increases in popularity, more and more people are trying to find the best location for their cosmetic requirements, whether that be lip fillers or laser treatments. However, very rarely do you hear of people visiting Malawi for their cosmetic surgery procedures, and we’re significantly confused as to why. With so many medical issues being apparent in the country, from cleft lips to obstetric fistulas, the surgeons present in Malawi are incredibly skilled, and are perfect for all of your cosmetic surgery needs. If one of the following procedures sounds perfect for you, maybe you should consider Malawi for your cosmetic surgery!

Plastic Surgery For Obstetric Fistulas

Whilst Malawi is home to many talented surgeons, the poorer areas of the country aren’t able to afford their services, meaning that there is a lack of maternal healthcare for many women across Malawi. The labour process for these women is torturing, with the procedure sometimes lasting longer than two days, all with the outcome of still birth. Due to the prolonged amount of time that the baby spends in the birth canal, the pressure can destroy tissue and force an abnormal connection to develop between the vagina and the bladder, resulting in uncontrollable leaking of urine. Therefore, plastic surgery is used to repair these damaged connections, as well as screenings to develop a proper understanding of the task at hand.

Cosmetic Gynaecology

After the traumatic experiences that some of the women go through during childbirth, their private parts can often be left unshapen and loose. Many of these women feel embarrassed about their genitalia, but cosmetic gynaecology in Malawi is there to increase the confidence in these women. With a mixture of technological treatment and personalised aftercare, each woman is looked after individually and nursed back to full health. Not only can women feel more confident about their private parts after this cosmetic surgery, but they can also experience better vaginal functioning, which may have been distorted after their difficult labour.

Body Sculpting

Due to the sub-tropical climate in Malawi, men and women alike are often encouraged to wear skimpier clothing to avoid access sweating. Because of this, a lot of body is on show, which can make both parties feel uncomfortable if they’re not confident with their body. Therefore, there are a range of body sculpting treatments available in Malawi, giving people the flat stomach they’ve always wanted or the toned legs they’ve been lusting for. Particularly for the women who have struggled with birth, body sculpting procedures can truly change their lives, giving them a new-found confidence.

Facial Surgery

It isn’t just Hollywood that takes advantage of facial treatments – Malawi is just as equally on trend. Whilst many celebrities are currently looking for fuller, rosier cheeks, cosmetic surgeons in Malawi are more interested in a sculpted look, making cheekbones appear chiselled and noses appear more refined. From rhinoplasty to blepharoplasty (correcting deformities in the eyelids), cosmetic surgeons in Malawi appear very skilled in the field of facial cosmetic surgery.

So, before you consider jumping on a plane and paying top dollar for your next facial treatment, why not save some cash and travel to Malawi instead?